Welcome to Waterdeep – HoL 1

This is the very first adventure that my Hand of the Light group ever ran back in January 2016. As I look at my notes in Word and my maps, I'll admit they aren't very high quality. But this is free stuff, so I offer it as-is. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's also kind of a nostalgia thing -- for me, at least.

My goal with this adventure was to have a somewhat unique way to start a campaign (but not terribly so, I suppose) and to offer the players (all new to the group at the time) a variety of things to do. The adventure contains a little sleuthing, combats, a puzzle trap, and a riddle. I wanted to throw a bunch of different stuff at the players to see what they seemed to enjoy.

Now, there are five players currently in the Hand of Light group. However, when I first ran this adventure only one of my current players (Anna) was in the group at the time.ย I think I may just start posting all the adventures that group has ran, starting with this one. It'll be interesting to see how the quality of my notes and maps has improved (I hope).

Overview: The heroes meet up outside a tavern where they spot a cloaked figure dropping a piece of paper. It turns out to be a map leading to a secret meeting at night in the City of the Dead. This adventure introduces the basic campaign plot: take out the Shadow Thieves.

Creatures Encountered:ย kendu, kobolds, gray ooze, animated armor, and doppleganger

Levels: This adventure is designed for a party of 5 level-1 characters.

Welcome to Waterdeep - HoL 1 (45 downloads)


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