Trouble with Veneration

This is the adventure I designed for the Marmalade Dog 22 convention. It features various types of encounters: social interaction, stealth, combat, traps, and a tough final boss battle. The adventure is designed to run in a four-hour window.

I play tested the adventure with my Hand of Light group a month prior to the convention. The play test was invaluable to working out the kinks. I also learned that I needed to cut a lot of material if I wanted the convention groups to have a chance of finishing. I then DM'd this adventure three times during the convention. The first two groups of players seemed to enjoy it a lot. The last group of players was a little hard to read, but I think they liked it.

I had tons of fun running the adventure, especially the first two times. By the third time I ran the adventure, I think I was just tired from three days of gaming and staying up late, and I had also run it twice already. So, running it seemed less fun for me.

Overview: Yuan-ti are beginning to rebuild their ancient empire in Trallas. Their leader Soakosh has gathered many yuan-ti that had gone into hiding and is trying to complete the transformation to become an Anathema. Once he has done so, he can lead his people to dominate the region. The heroes are tasked with finding the source of evil in Trallas and putting an end to it. Victory is achieved by slaying Soakosh, either before or after he becomes an Anathema. When the heroes arrive in Trallas they have but a short time before Soakosh completes the ritual to become an Anathema.

Creatures Encountered: yuan-ti (several types, both from the Monster Manual and Volo's Guide to Monsters)

Levels: This adventure is designed for a party of 5 level-6 characters.

Trouble with Veneration - level 6 adventure (33 downloads)


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