Cloakmaster Jarvis

My Hand of Light group just finished running this adventure a couple weeks ago. It turned out to be a fairly long one, taking us several months to play.

My players took a really cool approach to overcoming some of the obstacles in it, too. For instance, there were enslaved minotaurs that the mithsanki controlled with magical collars. Instead of just killing the minotaurs, my players freed the minotaurs and then convinced them to help them. They ended up with two minotaur companions that helped them throughout more than half of the adventure. In the end, one of the minotaurs pledged fealty to Karn and is now an official "follower."

In retrospect, I designed this adventure to be too long. I actually cut out the entire section of the adventure that deals with the bugbear area. The players knew about it, but they forgot to ask about going there and I didn't remind them. 🙂 So, we just didn't run it. It's a cool little area, though. I may "recycle" it in the future for use at the table.

Note: Some names were changed due to copyright licenses. I'm not very clever, though, so I'm sure you can figure it out.

Overview: The heroes are tasked with the seemingly easy task of eliminating the leader of a local thieves' guild. However, it turns into a battle to end more than just thievery. The leader of the thieves' guild also heads a group of carnivorous mithsanki who raid different worlds, capturing humans and elves for use as cattle. The adventure leads the heroes to the astral plane where they must put an end to generations of foul enslavement and butchery.

This adventure is a dungeon crawl that features numerous opportunities for social interaction, traps, and ambush encounters. 

Creatures Encountered: minotaurs, brain eaters, mithsanki, gith hounds, zemmogoths

Levels: This adventure is designed for a party of 5 characters between 7th and 10th levels.

Cloakmaster Jarvis (32 downloads)


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