Sword Coast Guard, Episode 5 – Assault on Gauntlet Hall

Session Date: May 20, 2017

I may have skipped a session summary... Anyway, the show must go on!

15 Flamerule, 1367 – The Troll Hole

With the guidance of Granny Tichwillow’s bones divination, the heroes go to a cave complex a few hours west of Tichwillow’s cottage. Inside the compound – called the Troll Hole – they find a tribe of ogres and trolls. They challenge the leader, a two-headed four-armed troll named Brogvok Two-Head, for leadership of the Two-Headed Tribe.

Rusty, Guld, Shadoestar, and Nigel fight and defeat the beast, with Rusty landing the final flurry of blows that finishes him off. The 9 ogres and 13 trolls in the tribe swear allegiance to the heroes who they now call the “Sword Coast Gord.” The heroes also rescue a band of 8 bugbear assassins (the Dripping Blades) and an orc (Tonguecutter) that the ogres and trolls had captive. They also swear fealty to the heroes.

17 through 18 Flamerule, 1367 – Assault on Gauntlet Hall

This is the assault plan the heroes devise and execute: Around midnight, under the cover of darkness, the bugbear assassins begin to slip over the walls of Gauntlet Hall, killing guards on duty. The trolls and ogres launch a frontal assault on the castle’s front gate. With that distraction, the heroes enter through the catacombs with the goal of finding the White Knights’ leader, Lady Ushien Stormbanner, and killing her.

The heroes kill some wussy guards in the catacombs, exit the chapel, and enter the main keep. They believe that Lady Stormbanner is at the top of the keep directing the defenses. The castle is in chaos as the heroes’ monstrous forces assault the fortification.

In the keep they fight a group of priests and soldiers tending to the wounded in an impromptu infirmary set up in the kitchens. At the top of the keep they find Lady Stormbanner and half a dozen soldiers. As the battle unfolds, several of the soldiers go down quickly, but two are true knights and much hardier. Stormbanner herself nearly kills Nigel before Shadoestar grapples her and takes her over the side of the keep with him.

They crash on the castle walls thirty feet below. Shadoestar unleashes hell on her, but she stands up and dispatches him with three nasty blows of her greatsword. (FWIW – Stormbanner was one tough mother…) As Stadoestar ends up dying as Stormbanner calls more guards on the battlements and returns to the keep.

At the top of the keep, the heroes finish of the remaining knights, and then begin to discuss plans as they believe Stormbanner is still alive and perhaps heading their way. In the middle of their discussion, she emerges from trap door to the top of the tower, and the battle picks back up. However, Stormbanner had taken massive damage from Nigel’s heat metal spell that had remained on her for several rounds. Stormbanner, skin blistered and clothing in burned tatters, makes a beadline for Nigel, set on bringing the damned caster down. However, she is unable to do so, and the heroes kill her mercilessly.

Shortly thereafter, the few remaining White Knights flee their castle, the ogres, trolls, and bugbears having slaughtered most of them. Only two trolls, three ogres, and one bugbear remain of their monstrous allies.

And now the Sword Coast Gord has Gauntlet Hall as their very own castle.


The Sword Coast Guard

the adventurers formerly known as the Heroes of Gold, Glory, and Girls

Russel "Rusty" Striker - Human Fighter

Nigel Dyreus - Half-elven Bard

Guld the Tower - Half-elven Monk

Elodin - Human Wizard

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Shadoestar - Half-Elf Monk

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