Sword Coast Guard, Episode 6 – Into the Swamp

Session Date: June 4, 2017

18 Flamerule, 1367 DR

After their victory over the White Knights, the Sword Coast Guard makes a sweep of Gauntlet Hall, their new castle. Locked up in the cells, they find a farmwife and a half-elf. The farmwife was tried and found guilt of witchcraft and slated for execution. The half-elf turns out to be a bounty hunter the church of Torm had hired to bring Lady Ushien Stormbanner in for crimes against the church of Torm. The bounty hunter, Belgarath, was captured by the White Knights in his attempt to do so.

The group welcomes Belgarath into their party as he turns out to have useful skills and an axe to grind against troubles in the area. [He’s also the new PC of the player who previously played Shadoestar.]

The heroes return the farmwife to her home before continuing on to Rassalantar. There they inform Civilar Casey, the leader of the Waterdeep soldiers stationed in the town, that Gauntlet Hall is now available for her to garrison with soldiers to defend Waterdeep against the orc army gathering in the Sword Mountains.

Casey is grateful and tells them about another problem in town that she doesn’t have time to deal with. Two children, Sebastan Cohen and Tambor Bridges, were found dead that morning. Their tongues were cut out and nailed to their foreheads, their mouths were stuffed full of candies, and their bodies were nailed upside down to trees near their homes.

She tells them that the blacksmith was arrested for the crime as he was the last one to see the two children as they were working at his smithy the previous day. The blacksmith denies all the charges. The heroes offer to get to the bottom of the crime, and Casey thanks them profusely.

[These were the two children that Shadoestar intimidated into telling him about the “Candy Troll.” It would appear that someone didn’t appreciate the children ratting…]

Upon investigation, the Sword Coast Guard discovers that there is very little evidence that the blacksmith did anything to the children, and the candies stuffed in the mouth seem to point to the Candy Troll, anyway. They do learn of a wrinkly old lady who enter the smithy the previous day under the pretense of looking for brooms. The old lady took an interest in the two children and left without buying anything.

As they investigate, they are approached by Sidney Jasperfer, the ringleader of the children in Rassalantar that have been pulling pranks on everyone. Sidney is terrified and afraid for his life, and he begs the heroes to help him. He says that the monsters will come for him next because he knows where they live. After calming words and persuasion by the heroes, Sidney agrees to lead them to the monsters’ home in Burp Swamp, though he is clearly terrified of going there.

Since it is late in the day, the heroes stay the night at the Sleeping Dragon Inn, planning to head to the swamp in the morning.

19 Flamerule, 1367 DR

Once the heroes arrive in Burp Swamp, named for the bubbling quagmires whose gaseous expulsions resemble burps, they find the locale overgrown with diseased, blackened vegetation. There is also supernaturally large population of toads inhabiting the place. Travel is made difficult as they are forced to move across fallen trees and small patches of soggy ground. Most of the ground is swampy water.

They come upon a wrinkly old lady perched on the branches of a large tree. As the Sword Coast Guard strikes up conversation with the woman, several giant toads exit the waters and stare blankly at the heroes. The old lady warns them that they are not welcome in her swamp and tells them that if they leave Sidney with her, she’ll let them leave. Sidney is petrified out of his mind.

The heroes refuse, and a battle breaks out. The woman turns out to an illusion, and the party is left to battle four giant toads and a tree that comes to life. The heroes manage to defeat the living tree and toads, but Sidney is swallowed and killed by one of the toads.

Then the group hears howling in the distance. Howling that seems to be getting closer.

The Sword Coast Guard

the adventurers formerly known as the Heroes of Gold, Glory, and Girls

Russel "Rusty" Striker - Human Fighter

Nigel Dyreus - Half-elven Bard

Guld the Tower - Half-elven Monk

Elodin - Human Wizard

[sorry, still need a picture]

Shadoestar - Half-Elf Monk

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