The Sword Coast Guard, Episode 8 – I’ll Keep Them Safe for You, My Dear

Session Date: July 16, 2017

21 Flamerule, 1367 DR

As combat with Agnes Gristlegrums begins, Elodin casts shatter on her. The spell has no effect other than to reveal Agnes as illusion.

The heroes hear cackling laughter from all around the room, and three old ladies appear: one rides a flying carpet, another rides an animated table, and the third, Agnes, rids a sow. The heroes later identify the old ladies as a coven of green hags, evil fey known to deceive and corrupt.

The heroes begin their battle against the green hags, two prisoners in the cages – Malark and his ape companion, Mugzy – break out of their cages. The hags fling spells at the heroes – eyebite, hold person, polymorph – and small toads in the undergrowth are constantly transforming into giant toads.

The hags’ magical defenses are great, and the giant toads are wreaking havoc, especially on Malark and Mugzy. Finally Elodin lands banishment on one of the hags, breaking their coven. With the coven broken, the hags cannot cast spells, and the tide of battle turns. The heroes quickly overwhelm one hag, and just as the banished hag returns – Elodin was put to sleep by eyebite that one hag was maintaining concentration on – the other hag goes down.

The remaining hag, Agnes Gristlegums herself, tries to flee the chamber on her sow. However, the heroes are having none of it; they quickly swarm her and take her down. Belgarath chops off the heads of all three and stashes them into a sack for later.

The Sword Coast Guard takes on a coven of green hags and their giant toad minions.

The heroes recover treasure from the chamber, including a Flying Carpet and an Animated Table. They make bacon out of the sow. They also find a letter that implicates Granny Mathilda Tichwillow as part of the hags’ operation.

The heroes return to the chamber with a portal to the Feywild, and Nigel and Belgarath go through. Nigel speaks with his long-lost love, Guinevere, and other elves in the Feywild. The elves tell them that the Unseelee fey are using several portals in the area to pass into the material plane where they are spreading evil and corruption. In order to stop the evil fey and close the portals, they must kill all the hags.

They leave the Feywild and move to the final chamber in the Candy Witches’ den. There they find three toad abominations that turn out to be farmers that the three hags turned into their current state. The heroes take the toadies with them, promising to find a way to restore them to normal.

Exhausted from their endeavors, the heroes travel to Waterdeep where they can take some needed downtime. On the way, during a night’s rest, Malark, Belgarath, and Nigel all break out their musical instruments and being playing, each trying to outperform the other. Malark plays quite poorly, and Belgarath and Nigel find themselves tied.

22 Flamerule, 1367 DR

Upon arriving in Waterdeep, a courier approaches Nigel and gives him a letter from Lady Nellabe Tharmar where she requests a meeting with the bard. Elodin recognizes the man as Asmoran, a member of his former thieves group. Elodin and Asmoran talk briefly, and plan a meeting for later.

Belgarath takes the toad abominations to the temple of Torm. He is there to collect the bounty for dispatching Lady Ushien Stormbanner, the leader of the White Nights. He also pays to have the clerics cast greater restoration on the toads and have them transformed back into humans. (The heroes later deside that the farmers might make a good addition to their keep, Gauntlet Hall.)

Nigel meets with Lady Tharmar at an inn in Sea Ward, where they go to a private room. Nellabee tells Nigel she knows about the remnants due to having spoken with Linare or the War Wizards, and tries to convince him to give them to her for safe keeping. When Nigel declines, Nellabee uses some sort of charm magic on the bard who then obediently hands the remnants over.

As Nellabee is leaving, she introduces Nigel to one of their children, practically a grown man. She tells Nigel that they have many more children, too. Nigel is shocked and wonders what he’s gotten himself into.

Elodin meets with Asmodan at the Safehaven Inn. Asmodan tells him that the Velvet Fists – the thieves guild that absorbed Elodin’s group and ran him out of Amn – is now operating out of Waterdeep. They have formed a guild, the Loyal Order of Couriers and Servants, as a front to hide their criminal activities. Most of Elodin’s old group, including his Shara Dhestin, still work for the Velvet Fists, though they had believed Elodin locked up. The wizard and Asmodan arrange for a way to contact each other, and then depart. Elodin had resolved years ago to rescue Shara from the Velvet Fists, but failed. This appears to be his second chance.

The heroes spend a ten day of downtime pursuing individual activities as follows:

  • Malark takes on small bounties in Waterdeep, mostly that of debtors, and earns a little bit of fun money.
  • Belgarath spends his time in New Olamn bard college, researching the location of a sentient morningstar. He finds an obscure text indicating one may be found in the tomb of a demilich. The tomb is located in the Fields of the Dead, far to the southeast of Waterdeep.
  • Nigel researches the Feywild and its inhabitants, trying to determine how his long-lost love from Silverymoon ended up there. Ultimately, he’s not quite certain.
  • Elodin spends his time buying, selling, and scribing scrolls. He manages to sell one scroll for 5000 gp, and earns a wizard contact who is desperate for any scrolls that move or transmute stone.

Shieldmeet (Midsummer), 1367 DR

With their ten day of downtime finished, the heroes head to Castle Waterdeep to meet with Linare of the War Wizards. They had given her one of the remnants to study.

Linare tells them that the remnants are shards of power that slivered off an ancient, evil being named Drazovin, an Elder Power. The Elder Powers were either destroyed or banished from the known plans by the gods eons ago. Linare believes that if enough of the remnants are gathered together, they could be used to release Drazovin from his banishment and allow him to enter the known planes once again.

Linare also tells them that the remnant the heroes gave him was stolen from his magically warded chambers a few days ago. However, there the sea elves that live in Waterdeep Harbor came into possession of a remnant recently, taking it from a captured malenti (a sauhagin spy). Linare suggests they speak with Parlanacel of the sea elves to learn more as this malenti might have information about the group seeking the remnants.

After the other heroes leave, Nigel asks Linare if she had ever heard of someone named Lady Nellabee Tharmar. Linare says that she has not. Nigel thanks her and leaves.

To this point, the bard as decided not to tell his companions about having lost all the remnants. In fact several times he’s claimed to have them safe and sound at his side.

Oh, sweet webs of lies...

The Sword Coast Guard

the adventurers formerly known as the Heroes of Gold, Glory, and Girls

Rusty - Human Fighter

Nigel Dyreus - Half-elven Bard

Elodin - Human Wizard

Belgarath - Half-elven Rogue Warlock

Malark - Human Ranger

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