Free D&D Adventures

These are 5e D&D adventures I wrote for use in my own groups. I'll be the first to admit that they probably aren't of the same quality as published modules. However, you pay for modules; these are free. I don't spell out every last detail, either. I try to cover the basics in these, my written session prep notes, and then rely on improvisation for the rest.

Anyway, I'm offering these free to the world in case other DMs out there find them useful. If you like them, feel free to drop a comment. If you don't like them, that's cool, too. 🙂

Also see Downloads for a listing of these same free 5e D&D adventures. (The format there is different and perhaps easier to browse and consume.)

Cloakmaster Jarvis

My Hand of Light group just finished running this adventure a couple weeks ago. It turned out to be a fairly long one, taking us several months to play. My players took a really cool approach to overcoming some of the obstacles in it, too. For instance, there were enslaved minotaurs that the mithsanki controlled with magical collars. Instead of just killing the minotaurs, my players freed the minotaurs and then convinced them to help them. They ended up with two minotaur companions that helped them throughout more than half of the adventure. In the end, one of the minotaurs ...
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Trouble with Veneration

This is the adventure I designed for the Marmalade Dog 22 convention. It features various types of encounters: social interaction, stealth, combat, traps, and a tough final boss battle. The adventure is designed to run in a four-hour window. I play tested the adventure with my Hand of Light group a month prior to the convention. The play test was invaluable to working out the kinks. I also learned that I needed to cut a lot of material if I wanted the convention groups to have a chance of finishing. I then DM'd this adventure three times during the convention. The ...
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Welcome to Waterdeep – HoL 1

This is the very first adventure that my Hand of the Light group ever ran back in January 2016. As I look at my notes in Word and my maps, I'll admit they aren't very high quality. But this is free stuff, so I offer it as-is. 🙂 It's also kind of a nostalgia thing -- for me, at least. My goal with this adventure was to have a somewhat unique way to start a campaign (but not terribly so, I suppose) and to offer the players (all new to the group at the time) a variety of things to ...
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The Amulet of Mraphadyr

This is a cool side trek that my Hand of Light group finished running a few weeks ago. To the right are links to PDFs of the adventure and the maps to accompany it. The campaign is set in Waterdeep, and the heroes had offended the Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians, one of the most wealthy and powerful guilds in the city. The guild (known as the GAP) had been making their lives generally unpleseant, but recently the GAP may have (or may not -- not even the players really know) arranged for some of the heroes' gnome alchemists to be ...
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