Manus Invictus Campaign Diaries

Manus Invictus, Episode 1 – Myrkul’s Devoted, Part 1

Session Date: January 6, 2018 Watch the entire game session on YouTube: Myrkul's Devoted, Part 1 With five members of the Hand of Light adventuring party either killed or captured by the undead forces in the catacombs beneath Iniarv’s Tower, the opportunity presents itself for a new group of adventurers to rise to prominence along the Sword Coast. Introducing Manus Invictus, the Unconquered Hand... 10 Eleasias, 1367 DR Having arrived to Waterdeep but a tenday ago, the members of Manus Invictus begin looking for odd jobs, like any good adventuring group looking to gain fame and fortune. They hear of ...
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