Manus Invictus Campaign Diaries

Hostages, Part 1 – Manus Invictus, Episode 3

Session Date: February 3, 2018 In the last episode, the heroes of Manus Invictus defeated the evil necromancer, Miriam Hargreves, and discovered that the dead god Myrkul is once again alive. In Leilon, they find the entire town decimated with the men and soldiers slaughtered and the women and children carried off as slaves by drow. Knowing that is but a symptom of the larger problem – the blackened sky – Manus Invictus hurries back to Waterdeep. There Dexter Ambrose tells them the entire Moonstar family, along with magical flasks full of liquid to neutralize the unnatural darkness, was carried ...
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Myrkul’s Devoted, Part 2 – Manus Invictus, Episode 2

Session Date: January 20, 2018 The heroes of Manus Invictus arrived at the catacombs beneath Iniarv’s Tower on their quest to retrieve a magical satchel full of important books, and — if possible — defeat the necromancer, Miriam Hargreve. After defeating wraiths, wights, and a scriptorium full of ghosts, the adventurers find themselves before the doors leading into what they believe to be a chapel to Myrkul, the former god of the dead. Watch the entire game session on YouTube: Myrkul’s Devoted, Part 2 Note: For this session, an on-call player, Mora, was standing in for Profero who couldn’t make ...
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Myrkul’s Devoted, Part 1 – Manus Invictus, Episode 1

Session Date: January 6, 2018 Watch the entire game session on YouTube: Myrkul's Devoted, Part 1 With five members of the Hand of Light adventuring party either killed or captured by the undead forces in the catacombs beneath Iniarv’s Tower, the opportunity presents itself for a new group of adventurers to rise to prominence along the Sword Coast. Introducing Manus Invictus, the Unconquered Hand... 10 Eleasias, 1367 DR Having arrived to Waterdeep but a tenday ago, the members of Manus Invictus begin looking for odd jobs, like any good adventuring group looking to gain fame and fortune. They hear of ...
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